“Are You Ready?” 3-DVD Set

In his new 3-DVD set “Are You Ready?…” Paul is a Watchman warning the people what is about to come and what they can do about it, in practical terms! Paul exposes the master plan behind the creation of a one world government, a one world economic system and a one world religion.
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CIA Report: United States Negative $561 Billion

The U.S. Is At The Bottom Of The List Of 191 Nations! This Is Not An Accident!

The United States of America is being destroyed. It is an intentional and strategic plan designed to break the once most powerful nation on earth in order to bring in a World Socialist Government and one world currency. If you have any doubt about this fact, look at the CIA chart which shows the U.S. at the bottom of 191 nations with a negative $561 billion account balance. There is no way that this happens by accident, it is clearly a planned event.
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Holocaust II, World War III, The Plot to Blame Israel for Global Economic Collapse

The same royal and banking families which traced their roots all the way back to the Black Venetian Nobility, whose lineage came from the ancient Canaanites who worshipped the God of “El” with gross sexual perversion and the burning alive of their children on the statues of their gods, whose metallic arms were heated red hot; in these pagan religious ceremonies, the Canaanites placed their children on the arms of the statues to be burned alive. The god Baal has its roots in “El,” or Babel, which comes from “El.”  The first one world government.
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Proof of the Coming Merger of Canada, Mexico and USA

North American UnionI began speaking openly about the coming merger of Canada, Mexico and the United States on the radio in 2004.  In 2005, I wrote a best-selling book entitled “Are You Ready?” which exposed the plan for the North America Union and the coming merger of Canada, Mexico and the United States.  I brought it up on some of the biggest cable new shows in the world.  This was long before Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs began to deal with the subject.
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Obama Sides With PLO And Says Palestine Must Return to 1967 Borders

President Obama is backing the Palestinian’s demand to take land from Israel and return to the 1967 borders.  Such a move would place Israel in mortal danger, because it would allow the terrorists, whose goal is to “wipe Israel off the face of the map,” into Israel’s territory.

During the 1967 Day War Israel captured the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip in the fighting, and the Palestinians claim those areas for their state. A close friend of mine, General Shimon Erem, was a commander in that war and he has shared with me the miraculous story of how Israel defeated the massive army of the Egyptians.
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Bin Laden Vows No U.S. Security Without Palestinian Security

Fear moves across the U.S. and Europe in light of intelligence information on EMP or nuclear attacks against the U.S. or Europe for revenging against Bin Laden’s death.  As I wrote earlier, Hezbollah terror cells are in Tijuana, Mexico, pouring into San Diego and across the U.S.  Many people do not realize that the “Dangerous Triangle” in South America, which consists of Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil, stages a massive terrorist army that moves through South America and into Mexico and across the border into the U.S.  As I have said in my books and latest DVD’s, a nuke could go off in multiple U.S. cities or an EMP attack.
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Terrorist Groups & Nukes Infiltrating U.S. From Mexican Border

So you thought killing Bin Laden and crippling Al-Qaida has made you safe from terrorist attacks in the U.S.? Think again!  A team of terrorist organizations like Hezbollah are setting up terrorist operations in Tijuana and other border towns in order to move terror cells into the U.S.  Hezbollah has beeen secretly building up a large terrorist army in places like Tijuana for the past 15-20 years!

In addition, they are far more trained, financed and armed than Al-Qaida ever was.  They also have access to nukes and are equal to Cuban, Russian and Chinese “special ops.”  They think long-term.  I predicted an Al Qaida/Bin Laden World Trade Center attack on the U.S. in my book “Countdown to Armageddon” before it happened.
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