The Tsunami That Is Coming To America

Japan was hit by an 8.9 earthquake and a nuclear reactor blew up near Tokyo. The shocks, chaos and number of dead continue.  As I said to you before 2011 began, the Lord had put it on my heart that many things of a very serious nature were coming upon America and the world in 2011.  God directed me to exhort the Remnant to enter high level spiritual warfare.

Unfortunately, there is much more to come in 2011.  There will be other earthquakes and a global shaking in the economic and political realm.  Something very intense is coming toward America and the Remnant must rise in repentance and high level spiritual warfare as a pre-emptive strike in the invisible realm.

Matthew 24:1-15 states:
And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to shew him the buildings of the temple.
And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.
And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
All these are the beginning of sorrows.
Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.
And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.
And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.
When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand)

Remember most of the church in America is now walking in deep spiritual deception and they cannot see what is coming even though much of it has been publicly announced and out in the open by the global media.  The American church and many of the churches around the world have become the Laodicean church that Jesus Christ warned about.

Why do you think the “Evangelical Church” in pre-Nazi Germany could not see the powerful forces of spiritual darkness take over their nation through the openly occult Nazi Party?  The church did not have the spiritual discernment to see that Adolph Hitler was demon possessed and energized by Satan.  In fact, the church worshipped him and helped him get into power.

Except for the Remnant, the American church is in the exact same condition as the German church. The Word of God contains thousands of warnings and historical records of what always happens to the people of God when they begin to ignore His Word and worship idols.  The American church is no exception!

A very well known American church leader located in Southern California held a conference with Tony Blair at his church last week. In fact, about a year ago I wrote an article about Tony Blair and the Tony Blair Foundation, which is a promoter of the coming one world religion that the Apostle John warned about.  I will have that article available to you in less than 24 hours along with a video message I gave on it.

Tony Blair is a promoter of unifying all the world’s religions, no matter what they believe, into the prophesied coming one world religion warned about in the Book of Revelation.  The False Prophet heads up the coming one world religion, distributes the mark of the Beast and spiritually deceives the world into worshipping the Antichrist.  Why would many prominent American church leaders sign up with Tony Blair?

1 Timothy 4 reads:

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; (apostasy) Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

What Blair is promoting is the very apostasy warned of by the Apostle Paul.  The apostasy has swept across America like a tsunami.  By God’s grace we have partners with Paul McGuire Ministries holding meetings at their homes and facilities where they use the contents of one of my books like “The Day The Dollar Died” and “Are You Ready for the Microchip?” for a Bible study and discussion.  Others are using the 3 DVD series entitled “American Dictatorship-The Coming Event That Will Change Everything.”  At these meetings they expose spiritual deception.

The books, DVD’s and topics are powerful evangelistic tools.  Many people are interested in coming to a home meeting or study where answers are given about what is really happing in our world?

We have numerous reports from people all over the world who have come to Christ because someone shared the information from our ministry.  At first they were interested in the economic, political and signs of the times analysis.  But after seeing how God predicted all this in His Word they accepted or returned to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

A revolution is occurring in the Middle East and if oil goes up the price of food and other things will go up.  It would not be a bad idea to have 6 months to a year of food stored.

The other day George Soros came on European television and openly spoke of the “new world order.”  He said the plan was to make China the world’s leading economy, and nations like America and the U.K. would deliberately be forced behind.  Soros used the term “new world order” over and over again.

Soros is the billionaire who put Obama in office.  Soros commented that the goal was to incrementally weaken the dollar so a new global currency, that would consist of a banking instrument called Special Drawing Rights or a basket of currencies, would replace the dollar as the world currency.

Soros used the term incremental, but also did not leave out room that it could happen suddenly.  He described how the standard of living for the American Middle Class and other nations would be deliberately lowered and transferred to Third World nations.

This information is right out in the open for anyone to see.  As such, I am surprised when we are accused of making this up or lying.  At a certain point you have to ask these people, “Are you hiding out in a cave with Osama bin Laden?”  Even the Council on Foreign Relations leader Brzezinski remarked that because of the Internet the whole world knows what their plan is.

However, you are not helpless and there is hope.  It is possible to change history with prayer and fasting.  That is why I have been teaching on high level spiritual warfare.  These men strut around the earth as if they were “gods.”  But we can go directly to the throne room of God and ask the true God to overrule their plans!

This works on a personal level as well.  God can give you supernatural guidance; protect your house, funds, food, etc.  But this may also mean obeying the Lord and getting wisdom and taking action.

Remember, “With God all things are possible!” and “You have not because you ask not.”

If we cry out to God with genuine repentance, God will pour out a great last day’s revival upon the earth.  There will be a mighty soul harvest where millions come to Christ before His return.  We have been called to ignite people’s hearts with the fire of God so that a Third Great Awakening can be birthed and God can shake the nations.  This is not to be confused with a counterfeit revival where false unity and false teachings are embraced.  That is the great apostasy.

When you learn how to pray with the intensity of the fathers of the First Great Awakening, like Jonathan Edwards, the fire of God will sweep across our nation and the world.  You will not have to beg God to meet your needs, because you will discover that when you are obedient God will meet all your needs!  Join us at Paul McGuire Ministries as we move forward in spiritual warfare and organize for a last day’s soul harvest!

Paul McGuire

  • By Pastor Glenda Thomas, March 21, 2011 @ 8:39 am

    You are right on Paul. They are making it very clear to the World what their intentions are, but the World chooses to not see it. There are some though who are giving their lives to Jesus praise God! It is close to Jesus return, I have felt it in my spirit for a long time. Thank You for all you do to get information out. Thank You for being obedient to the Holy Spirit. We are in warfare, the enemy is attacking us every day. But, we have a savior who never leaves us, his blood covers us, and what tries to knock us down, makes us that much stronger in christ jesus. Lets pray for revival and that the scales will be lifted off of peoples eyes. God Bless you Paul McGuire, and thank you.

  • By Mark Estes, March 28, 2011 @ 6:58 am

    Paul, you are correct. People of God as a majority do not realize the true conspiracies that men energized by satanic power are putting into place the very end-time prophetic scenario before our eyes. It is difficult at times to be in most churches. We Christians here in America seem so entrenched into our lives in the present, and forsake the Word of God. I praise God for His goodness and mercy toward us through Our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us encourage one another as we see the Day approaching.

  • By Linda Stevens, March 31, 2011 @ 1:30 pm

    Paul, Can you write an article on where the rapture is in all of this?

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