The Coming One World Religion, Tony Blair, Rick Warren and Modern Evangelicalism-Part 1

Last month (February 2011) at the Global Peace Forum at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, which featured Rick Warren and special guest, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Rick Warren spoke about his global P.E.A.C.E. Plan and Tony Blair spoke about the inter-faith Tony Blair Foundation.

Tony Blair is preparing to launch a “faith offensive” across the United States over the next year, after building up relationships with a network of influential religious leaders and faith organizations.  Rick Warren joined the advisory board of Blair’s foundation.  The important question to you is: Will your church, pastor and denomination join that effort?  If they do I want to clearly explain the serious Biblical implications of such an alliance.

First of all, before I go on any further, I want to explain my relationship to Rick Warren, Saddleback and Kay Warren.  I hosted a nationally syndicated drive time radio show from Los Angeles across the U.S. three hours per day.  By God’s grace, the program transcended “Christian talk” and I became a regular commentator on Fox News Network, CNN and debated world leaders and leading economists.  I have had Kay Warren on my show a number to times and Rick Warren called in to the show spontaneously while driving on the freeways of Southern California, announcing that he was a regular listener of the program.  

On all occasions where I have interacted with Warren the content was Biblical.  In addition, I have heard Rick speak at some dinners for Seminaries in Southern California and had the opportunity to talk with him.  Again, the messages were Biblical in content and he is an extremely gifted communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Despite the questions I am raising, it would be dishonest to suggest that the Lord has not used him globally to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I have met countless people whose lives have been turned around through Rick Warren’s message.  In addition, the commentary I am raising is my own and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any ministries, companies and individuals I have worked for or with.

When I watched Rick Warren on Larry King, I was relieved because he did not allow himself to be marginalized by being put in a box.  I had hosted a number of national Bible prophecy conferences with Pat Robertson at CBN over the years.  I have enormous respect for Pat Robertson, but I felt that Robertson limited his credibility with the global culture by making comments about the judgment of God and unintentionally playing the stereotypical role of an “angry” Christian.  I did not have a problem with Robertson making such strong comments. I believe Robertson was being obedient to the Lord and speaking directly in a politically correct age.  Personally, I feel this manner of delivery is more Christian than side-stepping every issue and trying to play both sides of the fence.

In relationship to Rick Warren, I have talked with a number of well-known Christian leaders who do not necessarily share his methodology, but believe him to be a genuine brother in Christ.  Unless proven differently, I believe Rick Warren is a brother in Christ and that God is using him.  However, I would also suggest that Rick Warren may not realize the extent that he is being exploited by very sinister globalist forces to further their one world agenda.  

Even though Warren has the most visible name, it would be dishonest to ignore the fact that the globalist agenda is very busy infiltrating the church, Evangelical leaders, seminaries, denominations and churches.  This pervasive lack of understanding among some in Christian leadership – that they are being used – reflects a dangerous ignorance and lack of understanding about who are the very powerful groups and individuals who control our world. To dismiss this as a conspiracy theory in light of the enormous body of credible documentation from mainstream and accurate sources borders on idiocy.

It is because Rick Warren is influential that I would love the opportunity to listen to his point of view and share with him some facts.  It would be my hope that this would cause him to re-think his position about his involvement with the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Being open and accountable is part of being a Christian leader. That not only goes for Warren, but myself and any other Christian leader.  Among other markets across the U.S., I was literally broadcast in Warren’s backyard and had a very large number of the people who attended Saddleback listen to my show on a regular basis. In addition, I would often meet people who came back to Christ at Saddleback or grew in Christ there.  In many instances that would also hold true of evangelicals who have signed on to the globalist agenda.

It is not that God approves of a one world government, because as it states in the account of the Tower of Babel and the global government in Revelation, it is clear that He does not. 

In the past, Blair and Warren also mentioned they have been partnering with the President of Rwanda in an effort to develop a Purpose Driven country as an initial step to establishing a Purpose Driven world. In 2005, Rick Warren announced his global P.E.A.C.E. Plan to his congregation. In 2003, he said management guru Ken Blanchard had “signed on to help with the Peace Plan.” Rick Warren still sits on Blanchard’s Board of Advisors with a number of New Age leaders (Source: Blanchard has been promoting New Age mystical teachers for many years and even today sits on the Board of the New Age Hoffman Institute. In 2007, Blanchard wrote the foreword to a book that was “inspired by Hindu swami Paramahansa Yogananada.”  But Blanchard cannot be dismissed easily!  In the corporate world, he has enormous influence in shaping corporate cultures and is author of the best-selling book, “The One Minute Manager.”

I would like to write a note of caution here.  When any Christian moves beyond what I call the “Christian ghetto,” you are going to associate with business leaders, politicians and media people who will not share all the evangelical beliefs you do.  As long as you are not promoting those ideas you can be used as salt and light in the culture.  For example, Nancy Reagan was very much into astrology and influenced her husband Ronald Reagan, a famous Evangelical President.  Does Nancy invalidate Ronald Reagan? 

As someone who has produced feature films in Hollywood, you are going to work alongside of Scientologists and those in many different kinds of Eastern mystical religions.  It does not mean you are going to have to embrace or promote those beliefs, but you will be working in partnership with them.  That would be true of any secular business in the world.

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair created the Tony Blair Faith Foundation to unify the world’s religions. Blair is especially interested in promoting the benefits of globalization to Christian churches. There are a number of prominent American ministers who have endorsed his Tony Blair Faith Foundation with its emphasis on globalization or global government.

However, in Revelation we read about this coming one world religion and the False Prophet who unites the world’s religions in order to bring peace to Planet Earth under the rule of Antichrist.

Rick Warren has been influenced by management gurus like Peter Drucker. Drucker developed his management ideas at the Frankfurt School.  The Frankfurt School in Germany was a school of neo-Marxist social theory.  Dissatisfied with Marxist and Capitalist societies, the Frankfurt School explored the possibility of an alternative path of humanistic social development. 

Berit Kjos shared in her article “Rockefeller & Global Mind Control” (December 1996 ), a symposium organized by The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, sponsored by The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, that The Drucker Foundation believes that a healthy society requires three vital sectors: a public sector of effective governments; a private sector of effective businesses; and a social sector of effective community organizations [the focus is on large churches]. The mission of the social sector and its organizations is to change lives. It accomplishes this mission by addressing the needs of the spirit, the mind and the body–of individual, the community, and society.

While on the air I was approached by The Drucker Foundation as a ministry they were interested in donating to.  As I recall, they were located in Orange County and were able to hear my beliefs for several hours a day. 

The pastor or the mega-church leader becomes a change agent used by the operant conditioning of the globalists.  They transition the Christian population from a Bible-based community, in the historical Biblical sense, through use of Hegel’s dialectic.  By introducing synthesis and antithesis into a mega church congregation, opposite populations live together.  There are those Christians who are liberal in their theological education and perhaps not even saved in the strictest definition of the word. Their belief system could be categorized as a kind of New Age Christian belief system.  The other population would be composed of liberal/moderate/evangelicals.  The two groups would synthesize into a hybrid of a New Age/globalist/Christian.  Thus the transition is manufactured through the dialect of synthesis.

It is interesting that one of the primary focuses of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation is not only to unify the different religions, but to specifically promote the benefits of globalism or global government to evangelicals. A number of well known evangelical leaders have signed on board. Tony Blair writes in his article seeking to Understand Faith and Globalization that “at a certain point each (religion) is in communion with each other.” So one would have to ask the question: what is the communion between militant Islam, Judaism and Christianity?  Suicide bombers? The often stated theology from militant Islam is death to Jews and Christians. So where is the communion?


This series from Paul McGuire is to be continued as Paul goes into the plan of George Soros to destroy the dollar, promote China and bring in world government.  How a CFR-coming one world religion is essential to the process of globalism.  Madame Blavatsky, the occult and the United Nations New World Order.  Adolph Hitler and how the science of eugenics is being used by the elite today.  How Rockefeller has spent billions of dollars financing a one world religion and infiltrating the Evangelical Movement.  How Evangelical Christians are being directed by the CFR and the UN to create one world religion and a one world government.

It is important to understand Bible prophecy literally when decoding the actions of the U.N., the Federal Reserve, the death of the dollar and a new world currency and the influence of the occult among the elite and in the U.N.  In addition, this series will relate all of this to the coming one world religion in an effort to educate Christians concerning the hidden agenda that is about to radically change our world.

  • By Leslie Katzenmeier, April 6, 2011 @ 8:43 pm

    Hi Paul,
    They say ” the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and so as you say Paul, go the bulk of ” Christian” pastors and leaders who’s hearts may be pure and intentions are to lead their flocks to the Lord God Yeshua .

    Also Paul as you also say , when you live and work ” in the world ” in any capacity I may add, you do so with BOTH believers like yourself and unbelievers .

    This IS what we who believe are called to do , ” go into the world as Christ did . This did not mean go into and work only with those who share a belief in Jesus Christ.

    I love the example of Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s student , now director I believe of his institute, Dr.jerram Barrs , an excellent speaker and interpretor of the gospel of the Lord Jesus who did an audio series about who is your brother.

    He said your brother is also the people you live and work with who your life and how you live in front of in work and other daily situations are those God choses to show His love and beauty through with you as the vessel. In otherwards your witness is you and your life as it plays out with the new man and new woman being supernaturally indwelt with the Holy Spirit of the living God. Jesus Christ – the Word made flesh.

    So many fail to draw the distinction between discernment ( Spirit) and judgment of our unsaved or pseudo saved brothers and sisters with whom we share this fallen planet.

    In both of those Paul, you rightfully devide God’s word and send up a Christlike warning of this difference.

    Now as to Rick Warren and his now obvious use via Tony Blair, Peter Drucker, the CFR, The “Family ” on C Street ie Rachael Maddow/ Jeff Sharlett’s exposees dealing with Christian Political power brokers namely ” Rick Warren ‘s associations and influencial ties to a ” Kill the Gay’s bill called ” Uganda be kidding me” on Youtube, Rick’s P.E.A.C.E plan which strangly came into being ” before ” he ever became intertwined with Blair and yes even Rick’s and your own ties to another well known member of the CFR Mr. Pat Robertson and other leaders of the CNP calling themselves followers of Jesus Christ while aligning themselves with ” anti- Christ-
    Paul it is here that I question the shedding of grace and your own buying of what I will only call the antithesis of the message of scripture when God clearly says that ” man can only serve ONE master” and that of the enormous deception we need be hyper vigilant to not buy.

    Isnt judgment to come first to the Church?

    I guess Paul I write this NOT as an accuser but simply to say i cannot reason where you say these leaders are still men of God while walking not in the discernment of the Spirit of the Almighty God but breaking bread with workers of iniquity and those who serve another gospel and another or other Gods.

    Scripture also tells us to ” Come OUT of her- the church) My people, lest you PARTAKE of Her plagues ( God’s soon coming judgment) .

    So with all due respect Paul – please explain this confusion of the difference between being decieved but still being a vessel of God . Yes God uses broken vessels but repentance seems to be present before this happens … Right ? Or am I missing it?


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